Medisave provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres, hybrid operating rooms, ICU/NICU units, surgical preparation rooms and other hospital areas and also focuses on products and services for core processes in surgery. The product range includes among other items surgical instruments for open or minimally invasive approaches, retractor system, surgical sutures, sterile container, power tools, electrosurgical and products for difficult airway management (e.g: Intubationscope). In the modern operating rooms innovative surgical procedures are being performed. The right technology safe costs and time to the hospital. Hybrid operating rooms required flexible and compact solutions to facilitate the integration of the medical technology and medical teams. Right materials and design facilitate disinfection ensuring hygienic work environments. Friendly design, access to day light and proper patient monitoring solutions transform the environment in a better place for patients, family and medical staff. Medisave also actively exchanges knowledge through its international service network and its numerous continuing education programs supporting by Center of Excellent Team from our principals.

Through exchanging knowledge with its customers, Medisave helps to improve treatments and working procedures in hospitals and to increase the safety of patients, doctors and nursing staff.

Medisave is one of the national leading healthcare suppliers. With a long history and experiences of its founders who are competent in the healthcare market, We continued toward our core values to serve the healthcare market with Professional, Innovative, Teamwork, Communicative, Speed. Our divisions orient their products and services toward different medical fields: hospital and surgery. By networking our divisions´ knowledge and developing solutions for the healthcare system, we transform products and services into integrated systems.

"The success of the Medisave organization is determined by our employees' understanding of the overall aims of the company and their willingness and hard work to achieve them.“ So say our corporate guidelines. Highly qualified employees, who act on their own responsibility, are the key to our success. the company developed well and this is gift of almighty God that really thank-full for that.



To become a creative and innovative medical device distributor as a professional strategic partner for the principals and loyal customers as well as to contributed on developing the national healthcare.

To become a national leading company and reliable healthcare provider with knowledge and extensive international business networking with an emphasis on the advancing technology, good quality products, services and safety for users.

To be the best working place for employees and to be able to provide benefits and better welfare for all team members through highly competitive and fair work place based on the performance achieved.



Provide complete and high quality surgical products with competitive and reasonable price as first choice for our loyal customers.

Provides the best support for service and maintenance of the surgical products to loyal customers from the certified and qualified technician team.

To be a reliable business partner for the principals as well as keeping the maintenance of a good reputation for its loyal customers and continues improvement the company performance and image.

To be the most reliable hospital partner in improving quality of care and better treatment for patients in Indonesia.

Establishing nationwide partnership and united network among the entrepreneurs which have the same dedication and objective in providing a good quality service to our loyal customers.



1. A campaign to build sustainable business through education and awareness
2. A key concept to promote the comprehensive Medisave product portfolio at minimal cost
3. Differentiation Strategy as surgical company
4. Make customers see value in our products
5. Cost effective and efficient for hospital investment and therapy practices
6. To get mind share – top of customer’s mind



1. Professional
We put the standards of education and training that prepare members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform the role of that profession.

2. Innovative
Encourage everyone to 1). be humble and self-confident, 2). be creative, 3). have a go, 4). dare to be different and 5). be unafraid of failure. We do not believe that it is a good thing to have never failed, as it only means they have never tried and will never achieve innovation.

3. Teamwork
No Champion or a one - man show attitude. Synergy is only created by teamwork, a sole team leader to ensure accountability. Unafraid of taking up the responsibility. We treat our team members and customers with Tender Loving Care as if they were family.

4. Communicative
Open to speak up to anyone, respect individuality and acknowledge differences, strive to achieve effective two - way communication in order to bridge the differences.

5. Speed
Ensure we work with speed while applying The Pareto Law (80:20 principle). The Pareto Law states that for many events, 80% of results come from 20% of the causes. This teaches our employees that setting the right priorities is crucial in improving performance.



• Surgical Technologies
• Closure Technologies
• Endoscopy
• Electrosurgical System
• Modular, Hygienic, Integrated OR
• Hospital Project Management

Concentrate on human life through knowledge-sharing culture is our Soul, We believe that "Hygienic and Integrated Technology In OR Solutions” will provide better healing conditions for the patient. Wherever they are deployed  – in Modular Walls panels and Ceilings, Operating Tables and Lamps, Patient Transfer System, Surgical tools and Equipment, Surgical Scrub, and Medical Furniture – Medisave products prevent, support, safe and friendly to their users, patients, and natural environment.

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