Electrosurgery PRODUCT

EMED offers an extensive range of electrosurgical units fully equipped with accessories and surgical instruments. To deliver high quality products, the company based the entire design and production proccess on modern technologies. Our electrosurgical products vary from small devices for use in outpatient settings to comprehensive electrosurgical systems. Our aim is to deliver maximum surgical precision and patient safety through our advancements in electrosurgery.

For confidence in performance. specialization :

1) Electrosurgery

2) argon coagulation (Argon)

3) vessel sealing system (ThermoStapler®)

Concentrate on human life through knowledge-sharing culture is our Soul, We believe that "Hygienic and Integrated Technology In OR Solutions” will provide better healing conditions for the patient. Wherever they are deployed  – in Modular Walls panels and Ceilings, Operating Tables and Lamps, Patient Transfer System, Surgical tools and Equipment, Surgical Scrub, and Medical Furniture – Medisave products prevent, support, safe and friendly to their users, patients, and natural environment.

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