Medisave offers reliable and exceptional service. We will make sure that each customer will be extremely satisfied at our service, and retain their loyalty with our company. We will make sure that our products are in perfect condition all the time and are ready to be used for patients.

To guarantee satisfaction at any time, our customer service team provides comprehensive service and support. Our priority is to resolve the problem as quickly as possible when a request for assistance is received. With experienced engineers, our team will provide quality assistance, guidance and advice to achieve our goal to develop a close and ongoing relationship through constant communication. Quality of service and support is one of the main reasons for our continued success in today's demanding market.


A period of warranty is offered as standard on all systems and equipment supplied. Extended warranty agreements are available on request.

Technical support

Technical service and support addresses questions include installing, operating, maintenance of hardware and software updates, as well as troubleshooting procedures and general system issues. You can also download technical documents online from our principals website.


You can first check the FAQ for answers to your questions. If you can't find the answer or still have questions, please fill out a service form, you will need your product series number for the form, then contact and sent the form to our Technical Service and Support team, a specialist will contact to provide assistance.

Other services

Customer Service and Sales Support can assist you with product selection, product customizations, order management, shipping logistic, and warranty status. Please contact us for supports.

Concentrate on human life through knowledge-sharing culture is our Soul, We believe that "Hygienic and Integrated Technology In OR Solutions” will provide better healing conditions for the patient. Wherever they are deployed  – in Modular Walls panels and Ceilings, Operating Tables and Lamps, Patient Transfer System, Surgical tools and Equipment, Surgical Scrub, and Medical Furniture – Medisave products prevent, support, safe and friendly to their users, patients, and natural environment.

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