Features Description

Product Features
· Eliminates headlamp frustration
· Low profile, lightweight design
· Improves Illumination in deep cavities
· Cool bright light
· Eliminates shadows
· Reusable
· Bendable gooseneck & adjustable length

Lite Wand Xe Kits
40001X Lite Wand Xe with ACMI Cable
40002X Lite Wand Xe with Storz Cable
40004X Lite Wand Xe with Wolf Cable
40019X Lite Wand Xe with Olympus Cable
(kits include instrument case)

Retractor Lite Xe Kits
40001RX Retractor Lite with ACMI Cable
40002RX Retractor Lite with Storz Cable
40004RX Retractor Lite with Wolf Cable
40019RX Retractor Lite with Olympus Cable
(kits include instrument case and clip)

Mini Lite Wand LED Kit
40001LE Mini Lite Wand LED Kit
1-40020LE Mini Lite Wand LED
1-40046 Mini Lite Wand LED Clip
1-LLS-2000 LED Light Source